VR 8

The new WARN® Tabor 8 offers enhanced styling, upgraded performance, and legendary WARN reliability that you can trust. The new convertible control pack has a tactical look and allows upright or low-profile mounting configurations.

A waterproof Albright® contactor provides the most reliable winch control available. The one-piece tie plate replaces multiple tie bars for increased strength, and a best-in-class cone brake holds the full-rated load. The Tabor 8 also offers the fastest no-load line speed in the Tabor family.

  • Legendary WARN reliability and performance; 3630 kg (8,000 lb.) capacity
  • Low-profile design will fit most trucks and SUVs
  • Separate control pack for various mounting options
  • Exclusive brake design for superior winching control
  • Durable, smooth, and reliable three-stage planetary geartrain
  • Series-wound motor for power and fast line speed
  • Remote control with 3.7m (12′) lead
  • Includes a roller fairlead with 29m of 8mm (94′ of 5/16″) diameter steel rope

Winch model: Tabor 8

Rated line pull: 3630 kgs (8000 lbs.)

Motor: 12V DC Series Wound

Electrical controls: Contactor

Remote Control: Remote switch, 3.7m (12′) lead

Geartrain: 3-Stage Planetary

Gear ratio: 216:1

Clutch (freespooling): Rotating ring gear clutch

Brake: Automatic direct drive cone

Drum diameter/Length: 6.4cm/23cm (2.5″/9.0″)

Shipping Weight, steel: 34.27 kg (75.40 lbs.)

Shipping Weight, bare winch: 23.09 kg (50.9 lbs.)

Net product weight, steel: 31.57 kg (69.45 lbs.)

Net product weight, bare winch: 20.4 kg (44.81 lbs.)

Steel Rope:  8mm x 29m (5/16″ x 94′), galvanized aircraft grade

Fairlead: roller fairlead

Recommended Battery: 650 CCA min. for winching

Battery leads: 25mm2 x 2m (0.04in2 x 6.5′)

Finish: Powder coating over primer undercoating

12V DC performance specs (first layer of drum)

Line Pull
Kg. (Lbs.)

Line Speed
M/min. (FT./min)


Pull by layer
layer/Kg. (Lbs)


8.8 (29)

69.2 amps

1/3630 (8000)

910 (2000)

4.3 (14.2)

179.2 amps

2/2969 (6545)

1810 (4000)

3 (9.9)

281 amps

3/2512 (5538)

2720 (6000)

2.2 (7.3)

381 amps

4/2177 (4800)

3630 (8000)

1.4 (4.8)

457 amps

5/1921 (4235)

Above performance specs are based on first layer of drum

Winch Dimensions: 527mm L x 160mm D x 249.1mm H (20.74″ L x 6.3″ D x 9.8″ H)

Mounting Bolt Pattern: 254mm x 114.3mm (10.0″ x 4.5″)